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A regional quarter of the previous setbacks drew people together to fight for the survival and development of their relatives. "See everything on the Royal Road of Chinatown, "they say, generally accepted with much skepticism and suspicion. But the environment is agglomerated clearly recognized by many small business Side by side, all sales appear to be identical, since they all sell all products. Used and second hand spare parts, plastic toys, Chinese paintings, clothes, Books and medicines, in the same store.

In the suffocating heat of Port Louis, one can only stand in amazement at the contrast between activity and life in the direction seem to Chinatown and the stillness of the city after work in the late afternoon and evening, as cats and dogs, the only passers-by. As you walk Royal Road, encounters be different in the construction markets. But many have been expanded and modernized to sell a small number of transactions or products, pewter, lamps, rope and utensils, today the luxury of a bygone era.

Even today, the oldest inhabitants of Port Louis Chinatown have kept a deep Chinese accent making his speech, almost incomprehensible. Have Impatient and always in a hurry, the elder Chinese people seem never to stop time and to discuss, say they have no time to talk and they are here to do business. What characterizes the Chinatown undeniable heat, dust and the strong smell oozing from the ingredients and spices, the right of the Chinese Kitchen, giving the impression of being in China. Nose stinging spices, dried mushrooms, nuts, seeds, and some even say, "Everything you need for Chinese cooking Prepare to be achieved in Chinatown, if you knock on your door on the right. "

Actually, one of the greatest cultural characteristics of an area Chinatown is no doubt as his food. The Lai Min Restaurant, Chinatown Restaurant, Furama Restaurant, Kwang Chow Restaurant in Singapore, restaurant and some of the restaurants that the Chinese Cuisine. Eating is one of the main interests in the region. "They will not go without being 50 meters from two or three snacks, the" hakienns " Wax-cake, "Gato zinli" or "gato propose cravate" and among other things, a tourist, visibly amused by the movement of the small town. "


However, Chinatown, inconceivable without its traditional festivals, the most famous among them is probably the Chinese New Year. It is a chance for young and old gather around the same table and welcoming the new year. Every Chinese believes that it is gratifying to begin the new year and bring health, prosperity and happiness. At the same time for prayer on the first day of the year, Chinatown and shopping centers are unusually quiet. Instead of sound and motion, you only hear the sound of silence. The city's heart has stopped beating. Chinese walkways and entrances to the Chinese houses are red with canopy exploding fireworks.

How did it all mean? The first Chinese immigrants landed in Mauritius in the 1820s from the province of Kwang Tong in the southeastern Region of China, and was followed by Hakka people, originating in the region in central Henan – China. A large number of converts to Christianity, and despite the impact of European cultural influences, most of them are from the Chinese, especially the older generation, still attached to their traditional customs, traditions and culture.

In the late 19. Century, when Chinese immigrants reached its peak, the Asian culture has its peak. Since then, the country experienced an intense cultural activity. Far-reaching changes have taken place, which is the Chinese Community for better or worse. Is it Chinese food and eating habits, traditional Festivals like the Chinese New Year, Moon Festival and Dragon Boat Festival are just a few of the many remnants of Chinese history.

The younger generation is strongly influenced by the western lifestyle. Really, we can consider that the Chinese are now so strong Western than the Western-oriented communities on the island. But a Amount of work spent by the older generation, in order to shift the values of the first Chinese immigrants, linked to peace and harmony with nature and people.

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