chinese porcelain spoons

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chinese porcelain spoons
My earliest memory of the Chinese porcelain spoon was at the nearest Chinese restaurant, back in the day, when I was just a little girl. I marveled at how unusual these spoons looked compared to our Western versions. First of all, they were bigger and deeper. They had a long handle, which was slightly tilted up at an angle: Chinese spoons looked like ladles, but they had beautiful designs on them, like flowers or Chinese symbols. And they could come in any number of colors: red, blue, green, white, etc. They were also more fragile because they were made of porcelain rather than metal (nowadays these asian spoons can be made of plastic, metal, wood…..) But most unusual of all to the eyes of a little girl, the ones that I first saw had flat bottoms! I wondered why that was. Was it just so they could be stacked, empty, one on top of the other, after they were cleaned and washed?

While these mini “Chinese ladles” have mostly been known for how much soup they can hold in one scoop, Chinese porcelain spoons can be used for many things. They can hold big pieces of chicken or meat for those who don’t wish to use chopsticks, like little girls on an outing to their first Chinese restaurant. But in today’s world, they are now being used to “present” food, as with a plateful of appetizers arranged in a perfect circle, nestled inside of a Chinese porcelain spoon and offered to your guests before dinner. Or, on the other side of your perfect Chinese dinner, they can be used to present desert: sesame balls with red bean curd, or even just a circle of strawberries dipped in chocolate and popped inside each spoon! asian soup spoonThe possibilities are endless. I’m getting hungry….

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