quick chinese recipes

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quick chinese recipes

*To find over 75 fantastic, quick, easy to make, authentic Chinese recipes (everything from Pineapple and Ginger Duck to Walnut Chicken, from Beef Saute to Stewed Rice Flour Pork , from Button MushroomSoup to Steamed Shao Mai, etc., etc.) click here for the Secrets of Chinese Cooking.


The world in which we live is of different cultures and traditions, each with its own kind of cooking, thereby offering a rich full flavor. Chinese Cuisine is followed by them.

As a nation, China has many festivals and traditions. Therefore, they have different dishes for each event. In America, Chinese Skills views about cooking as an art. For centuries together, their aromas tickle the taste buds of Americans.

Here are some important feature of Chinese cuisine:

1. Chinese cuisine is relatively simple and fast.

2. The specialties of the Chinese records, depending on the country’s culture, festivals and Districts in order.

3. Examples are steamed fish, doufu, vinegar, brown rice, with ginger, served on its sum, etc.

4. Boiled tea is the most important of Chinese cuisine. In China, different varieties of tea have been grown, it becomes part of daily routine.

5. The basic components of the Chinese food, water and / or oil.

6. Chinese cuisine will take care of personal tastes in food may be that these courts are optional and can be changed according to individual choice.

7. Focuses on the recipe – simple mixing of the right spots, less than one flavor.

8. The Chinese recipe does not contain a lot of spices. They focus rather on the use of flavorings such as cloves, anise, ginger and Sichuan pepper.

9. Most prefer the Chinese cooks with soy sauce, Shaoxing wine and oyster sauce. These contribute to the taste and to make food more presentable.

10. Cooking ingredients especially with certain acquired cooking techniques. These are flat type pan, stir-frying, roasting, frying, steaming, boiling and braising red.

11. Stir-frying involves frying of food at a very high heat in a little oil. In this case, the food is cooked very quickly because it is necessary in very small Pieces.

12. When steam Chinese food is traditionally used bamboo steamer. Bamboo steamer consists of a stack, so that once more steam items.

13. In order to cook larger pieces of meat, red cooking trick used in Chinese cuisine.

14. Last but not least, Chinese food has two Main ingredients are rice and noodles. People all over the world, in order to identify the Chinese cuisine with pasta and rice. They are not only fast to cook, but also quite taste good.

An indispensable part of the world of gastronomy in the world, households, loved it is the Chinese cuisine, by all and sundry.

It’s easy to cook and with a few tips and tricks that we can all learn from this cultural cuisine.

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Article Source: ArticlesBase.comChinese Cooking – 14 Key Features Defining The Tradition

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